My Favorite Bibles
- Selected Bible sources -

Our family is active member both in Vancouver Catholic Church as in Vancouver First Reformat (Kálvin) Church.
Our Bible related knowledge was assembled both through these communities as through media and through several Bible readings.

The selected Bible versions was shaped after reading more "classic" Bibles like: To which as comparison sources the following were used as well:
Although all these Bible are more or less different from each-other, all of them have the same main message, about the moral aspects, binding and relationship between: ...they are each of them somewhat different!

It is like listening to a very nice melody played on different instruments!

Similar to a musical masterpiece that can be learned better when it is played on different instruments as well individually as in symphony,...
...likewise the Bible can be enjoyed and understood if it is read through many different translations individually and if possible in parallel.

Besides the joy a symphony provides another advantage is that in case that this-or-that instrument is not quite precise (say Bible translation) then having more played the same melody makes all more precisely defined.

In the next pages under the Bible chapters we try to provide you with a symphonic enjoyment, providing most of them in parallel with the ones formatted with our own words:
Have a great time with them!