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Below is the list of song studies performed by us:

Our Song Studies:
  • Mennyből az Angyal [zenelap]  (2020 dec.-2021 feb.):
    • Mendi version
    • (* wikipedia: The "Mennyből az Angyal" is the most popular and likely oldest Hungarian Christmas song. Its author was probably Szentmihály Mihály a priest in Boconád in the XVIII century. This song spread from Palóc region [between Danube-Tisza rivers] to whole Hungary including and even more in Transylvania. By the Transilvanian customs, this song was sung around the Christmas tree where the presents were atributed the Angel. Due to this many considered this song as originating from Transylvania. This song was first time recorded on a phonograph cylinder by Béla,Vikár in 1910. It was written down by Béla,Bartók [Nagyszentmiklós, 1881-03-25. – New York, 1945-09-26.].)
  • Laure Salo: "I will sweep away your transgressions" versions + [zenelap]  (2019 Jun.-Aug.):
  • "Song-forge" of: Franz Schubert Ave Maria & Handel Joy to the world  (2017 Apr.):
  • Christmas party recital song-mix of:  1. Illés: Az utcán;  2. Bob Dylan: Blowin' in the wind;  3. Joh Newton: Amazing Grace;  4. Franz Xaver Gruber: Silent Night & and award retrieval  (2015 Dec.)